Feb 17: BARTALK #10: Space / Place / Home, CLOUD at Danslab, The Hague NL
Feb 25: On Illegibility at Sonic Acts Academy, Dansmakers, Amsterdam NL
Mar 8: On Illegibility at Ephemére, Studio Loos, The Hague NL
Mar 16: BARTALK #11: The Living Archive, Danzkafe Sowieso, The Hague NL
Dec-Mar 28: Poetics and Politics of Erasure on view at
Apr 6: WHITE PINK BROWN, Auto Italia, London UK
Apr 16-21: iii residency – BodyScores workshop, iii, The Hague NL
Jun 23: “Inexhaustibility”/„Niewyczerpalność”, Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków PL

15 Dec: oneacre launches “Poetics and Politics of Erasure”, LhGwr, The Hague NL
10 Dec: “VERSO / Uprising – Megaphone”, Mezrab, Amsterdam NL
9 Dec: BARTALK #9: Time/Efficiency/Productivity, Sowieso, The Hague NL
19 Oct: BARTALK #8: Mouth/Voice/Language, De Gekke Geit, The Hague NL
22 – 23 Sep: TodaysArt, Schouwburg Theater, The Hague NL
19 – 30 Jul: ACRE Residency, Steuben, WI US
26 May: Healing Bass 2, Butcher’s Tears, Amsterdam NL
25 May – 1 Jun: CLOUD/Danslab residency, The Hague NL
15 May: FIBER Festival, de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam NL
6 May: The Mindless Identity of The World, Witte de With Contemporary Art, Rotterdam NL
5 May: Sonic Cyberfeminisms, University of Lincoln UK
23 Mar: Get Lost – Where do we go from here, PIP, Den Haag NL
22 Jan: Tactical Media Connections “Society of Post Control”, Amsterdam NL

16 Dec: Media Art Festival, Leeuwarden NL
3 Dec: Extrapool: Ny Name Is Salmon (Why Am I Whispering)#1, Nijmegen NL
1 Dec: Media Art Festival (Opening), Leeuwarden NL
27 Oct-18 Dec: Cycle Music and Art Festival (with Caitlin Berrigan), Kópavagur IS
1-6 Jul: On Legibility, KABK Graduation Festival, Den Haag NL
27-29 May: Point of i: ArtScience Preview Exhibition, LocatieZ, Den Haag NL
14 May: Navigating Accelerationism Conference, Goldsmiths, London UK
10 Feb: A Delta gyermekei: RecPlay/Besorolás Alatt, MÜSZI Közért, Budapest HU
9 Feb: Havizaj#97, Budapest HU
2 Feb: Open Evening Creative Departments, Royal Conservatory, Den Haag NL
10 Jan: No Patent Pending, Quartair, Den Haag NL
8 Jan: BARTALK: Lack/Loss/Void, De Gekke Geit, Den Haag NL